The Top & Tail Project ended in November 2015. The final impacts can be found on the Project Outcomes page.

HubNet Smart Grid Symposium 2015

Final Top & Tail Technical Review

IET Birmingham: Austin Court, 8th and 9th September 2015


Programme can be downloaded here.

Useful Links for this meeting:

HubNet Website

Cardiff University film ‘A Sense of Energy’



Paper Author
Modelling the Impact of Nuclear State Aid R. Green
An Energy Transfer Reference Case R. Green
Vulnerability Assessment of the European Natural Gas Supply N. Jenkins
Planning an Interconnected North Sea and EU Grid D. Pujianto
Hierarchical Operation of Electricity Systems Under Uncertainty G. Hawker
Considerations in the Design of Offshore Networks K. Bell


Paper Author
Transient Stability and Operational Limits of Mixed AC-DC Power Networks V. Terzija
Handling Frequency Events in Mixed AC and DC Transmission Networks C. Spallarossa
Wind Resource Modelling and Wind Farm Degradation I. Staffell


Paper Author
Nanocomposite Materials for Electrical Insulation S. Swingler
Electrical Tree Growth in DC Insulation S. Rowland
CF3I Gas Insulated Line (GIL) M. Haddad
High Power SiC Semiconductor Development P. Mawby
DC Fault Ride Through Operation of a Full-Bridge MMC Convertor J. Clare
Power Flow Capability of HVDC Converters under Converter and Line Faults P. Clemow
A Reliability Evaluation of Offshore HVDC Grid Configuration Options C. McIver
DC Circuit Breakers F. Page


Paper Author
Integrated Energy Networks for Low Carbon Heat and Cooling Supply N. Jenkins
Visions of Domestic Electricity Use in a Changing Sociotechnical System N. Pidgeon
Future Energy Demand in Dwellings N. Kelly
Grid Sensitive Domestic Electrical Heat Management N. Kelly
A High Resolution Stochastic Integrated Thermal-Electrical Domestic Demand Simulation Tool E. McKenna
DC Distribution Inside Buildings G. Laudani
Frequency Support from an Offshore Multi-Terminal VSC-HVDC Scheme D. Adeuyi


Paper Author
High Power Density Mid-Feeder for Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Network J. Clare
Data Model Fusion for Health Monitoring of IGBT Power Modules C.M. Johnson
A High Density Converter for Mid Feeder Voltage Regulation of Low Voltage Distribution Feeders R. Silversides
High Efficiency DC-AC Converter for DC Distribution Networks Y. Zhong
Comparison of Voltage Regulation Approaches P. Mitcheson
Voltage: Consumer Attitudes and Behaviour R. Gross
Achieving Change with Customers R. Ozaki
Utilisation of Existing LV Assets on Conversion from AC to DC Networks S. Rowland
Protecting an LVDC Last Mile Distribution Network G. Burt