The Top & Tail Project ended in November 2015. The final impacts can be found on the Project Outcomes page.

The "Top" Meeting

University of Manchester, 16th April 2013


Agenda can be downloaded here.


Presentation Author
The Role of Transmission Networks Keith Bell
Operation of a Transcontinental System Vladimir Terzija
Super-Scale HVDC Matt Praeger
Overview of MEGA GRID Theme of HubNet Project Jovica Milanovic
Task 1.1: Progress to Date Keith Bell
On Faults in Mixed AC/DC Transmission Systems Melios Hadjikypris
Influence of Frequency-Droop Supplementary Control on Disturbance Propagation through VSC HVDC Links Claudia Spallarossa
Multilevel Modular Converter Scale Lab Demonstrator Phil Clemow
Protection and Circuit Breakers for HVDC networks Fred Page
Gas Insulated Lines using CF3I Gas Mixtures Manu Haddad
Design of high voltage termination structures for SiC diodes and MOSFETs Hua Rong