The Top & Tail Project ended in November 2015. The final impacts can be found on the Project Outcomes page.

Annual Technical Review Meeting

Southampton Grand Harbour Hotel, 17-18th November 2014


Agenda for the Annual Technical Review Meeting can be downloaded here.


Presentation Author
Vulnerability Assessment of the European Gas Supply Bamise Olanrewaju
LQG-Based Supervisory Control for Mixed AC/DC Networks Melios Hadjikypris
Integration of a MMC based HVDC link in a 4 generator AC system Claudia Spallarossa
The Impact of Interfaces and Space Charge Formation on Breakdown Strength of Epoxy Resin Ibrahim Iddrissu
Flashover Performance of CF3I under Fast Impulse Tony Chen
Development of 10kV SiC MOSFET Hua Rong
Modelling of Faults in DC Grids Yixue Feng
HVDC protection requirements: an AC network prospective Fred Page
Concepts of Technology Translations Simon Rowland
Smart Grid Keith Bell
Mega Grid and Large Scale Renewables Vladimir Terzija
Multi Energy Systems and Demand Janaka Ekanayake
Power Electronic Technologies Mark Johnson
Future Asset/Transition Assets Simon Rowland
Energy Storage Jihong Wang
Prognostics and Health Management for Power Electronics Amir Eleffendi
Visions of Power: Domestic Electricity Use in a Changing Sociotechnical System Sam Hubble
High Efficient DC-AC Converter in LVDC Distribution Network Yanni Zhong
Role and the Value of Interconnection D. Pudjianto
High resolution modelling of energy performance in future dwellings Nick Kelly
Validation of an advanced DC protection scheme for enabling an LVDC last mile distribution network Abdullah Emhemed
The effects of water content in nanodielectrics Matt Praeger
Application of FEA to electrical tree models Steven Li
HVDC operation under partial fault conditions. Results with an experimental setup Philip Clemow
Advanced SiO2/SiC Interface Passivation Yogesh Sharma
Integrated analysis of coupled multi-energy networks Muditha Abeysekera
Frequency Response from Offshore Multi-terminal VSC HVDC (MTDC) Schemes Oluwole Daniel Adeuyi
Modelling network operation hierarchies under uncertainty Graeme Hawker
High-resolution stochastic bottom-up building energy demand models Eoghan McKenna
CF3I Gas Insulated Line (GIL) Demonstrator Phillip Widger
Achieving Change with Customers Jamie Speirs
A Comparison of Power Electronic Based Approaches for Capacity Release in LV Networks Thomas Frost
Office appliances, DC voltage standards and distribution strategies Giuseppe Laundani
The effects of moisture in LV distribution cables: A case study Dimitris Antoniou