The Top & Tail Project ended in November 2015. The final impacts can be found on the Project Outcomes page.

Annual Technical Review Meeting

University of Nottingham, 18-19th November 2013


Agenda for the Annual Technical Review Meeting can be downloaded here.


Presentation Author
Characteristics of CF3I and GIL Models Tony Chen
Transmission Infrastructure Investment Requirements in the Future European Low-Carbon Electricity System Danny Pudjianto
Dynamic Simulation of Faults on VSC-HVDC Transmission Systems Melios Hadjikypris
MMC HVDC System Response to DC Side Faults Yixue Feng
Wind Modelling: Degradation of Onshore Turbines and Predicted Outputs Offshore Iain Staffell
Nanocomposite Dielectrics for Super Scale HVDC Matt Praeger
A Model for Steady State Analysis of Gas Networks with Distributed Fuel Injection Muditha Abeysekera
Assessment of LV Feeder Load in Commercial Districts Eoghan McKenna
Impact of Moisture on Cable Reliability in Distribution Networks Dimitris Antoniou
Approaches to Voltage Regulation and Implications for Commercial Users Ritsuko Ozaki
Initial studies on the Effect of DC faults on Transient Stability of Multi-Machine Systems Claudia Spallarossa
The Role of SiC Devices in Smart Grid Technology Yogesh Sharma


Poster Author
Transport of low carbon alternatives in the gas network Muditha Abeysekera
LVDC Distribution Networks Dimitris Antoniou
DC Power Network Post-Fault Recharging with an H-bridge Cascaded Multilevel Converter Chao Chen
Characteristics of CF3I and GIL Model Lujia Chen
3-Port MMC System Yixue Feng
Wider Voltage Tolerances: Range and Impact Thomas Frost
Faults on HVDC Transmission Networks Melios Hadjikypris
A Statistical Model for Wind Synthesis Incorporating Meteorological Model Information David C. Hill
Electricity in the Home: How, Why and When do People Use it? Sam Hubble
Interfaces in DC Insulation Systems: The Role of Space Charge Measurement Ibrahim Iddrissu
Reduced operation modes for HVDC converters under contingencies Adrià Junyent-Ferré
Noise measurements on HV conductors Qi Li
Contribution of pipeline infrastructure development to security of natural gas supply in Europe - 2020 case study Oluwabamise Ogunbunmi
Protection from DC Faults within VSC based HVDC Systems Frederick Page
A dielectric spectroscopy study of the polystyrene/nanosilica model system M. Praeger
Planning an Interconnected North Sea and EU Grid Danny Pudjianto
Voltage Regulation Considerations For the Design of Power Electronic Modules For Hybrid Distribution Transformers Mohammed Radi
4H-SiC Avalanche Breakdown Voltage Estimation by Simulation and Junction Termination Extension Analysis Hua Rong
Design of a high density converter for mid feeder regulation in low voltage distribution Richard Silversides
Influence of Frequency Droop Supplementary Control on Disturbance Propagation through VSC HVDC Links C. E. Spallarossa
An Energy Transfer Reference Case: Scenarios and Initial Results Iain Staffell
Replacement of the Conventional 415V 3-phase AC Supply Using 500V-1kV DC Distribution Network Yanni Zhong
Activity and Collaboration Summaries:

Demetris Antoniou
T. Chen
Melios Hadjikypris
G. Hawker
David Hill
Sam Hubble
Ibrahim Iddrissu
G. A. Laudani
Eoghan Mckenna
Matthew Praeger
Hua Rong and Yogesh Sharma
Iain Staffell
Yanni Zhong