The Top & Tail Project ended in November 2015. The final impacts can be found on the Project Outcomes page.

Annual Technical Review Meeting

Advisory Group Meeting

University of Strathclyde, 26th November 2012


Agenda for the Annual Technical Review Meeting can be downloaded here.

Agenda for the Advisory Group Meeting can be downloaded here.

Minutes of meeting can be downloaded here.


Presentation Author
The Importance of Interfaces Antonios Tzimas
Design of High Voltage Termination Structures for SiC Diodes and MOSFETs Hua Rong
Power Flow Control and Fault Ride Through DC Grids Yixue Feng
Partial Power Transfer in Modular VSC HVDC Links Subject to Subsystem Outages Philip Clemow
Protection and Circuit Breakers for HVDC Networks Frederick Page
An Energy Transport Reference Case Iain Staffell
Planning an Interconnected EU Electrical Grid: the Approach and Preliminary Analysis Danny Pudjianto
Fast Transient Process in Mixed ACDC Networks Melios Hadjikypris
Assessment of Disturbance Propagation between AC Grids through HVDC Links using Reduced Great Britain Model Claudia Spallarossa
Predicting New Energy Demands in New and Retrofit Dwellings Nick Kelly
Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Electricity Supply, Consumption and Demand Reduction Sam Hubble
High Density Mid – Feeder Converter for Increasing Capacity in the Tail Richard Silversides
Electric Fields in LVDC Cables Dimitris Antoniou
Protecting the Last Mile – Enabling an LVDC Distribution Network Abdoulha Emhemed