The Top & Tail Project ended in November 2015. The final impacts can be found on the Project Outcomes page.

Annual Technical Review Meeting

Advisory Group Meeting

Warwick University, 28th November 2011


Agenda can be downloaded here.

Minutes of meeting can be downloaded here.


Presentation Author
Introduction Simon Rowland
1.1: Planning a Transcontinental Interconnected System Keith Bell
1.1.1: Design and Technology Strategy for the Future UK and European Energy Infrastructure Richard Green
1.1.2: Planning an Interconnected North Sea and EU Grid Keith Bell
1.1.3: Design for Reliable Power Transfer Keith Bell
1.2: Operation of a Transcontinental SuperGrid Vladimir Terzija
1.2.1: Dispatch of Power on a Future Electricity Network Keith Bell
1.2.2: Transient Stability and Operation Limits Vladimir Terzija
1.2.3: Market Arrangements for Transcontinental Energy Richard Green
1.3: Super-Scale HVDC Steve Swingler
1.3.1: The MV, 5 kA Cable
Presentation 1
Presentation 2

Alun Vaughan
Simon Rowland
1.3.2: Approaching the Ideal Semiconductor Phil Mawby
1.3.3: Topology, Modularity and Contingency Tim Green
2.1: Starting with Demand Nick Jenkins
2.1.1: The New Demand
Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3

Ian Richardson
Nick Kelly
Nick Pidgeon
2.1.2: Demand Driven Energy Conversion Tim Green
2.2: The Last Mile Electric Network Mark Johnson
2.2.1: Revolution in Voltage Regulation Tim Green
2.2.2: Achieving Change with Customers Robert Gross
2.2.3: Cable Stress – Utilisation of Existing Cable Infrastructure in New Systems Simon Rowland
2.2.4 Protecting the Last Mile Graeme Burt